The Oak’s Bride

Butoh Dance Theatre
Red Moon Rising

In 2010 The Oak’s Bride – a new work by contemporary dance company Red Moon Rising – was presented by the Next Wave Festival with support from the Australia Council for the Arts’ New Work, Young Artist Initiative.

The Oak’s Bride is a multi-layered performance work inspired by Ted Hughes’ evocative poetic novel Gaudete. This work is a cyclical journey that explores the loss of individual spirituality in the wake of an ever-dividing world. It confronts the internal conflict and the fragmentation of identity that has resulted out of the progress of western civilization. The Oak’s Bride is three chapters that depict, the duplication and fragmentation of the human body and psyche in conflict with its maker. Through incorporating an integrated multimedia design with a richly textured original soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Neideck, a beautiful, haunting and electric world is illuminated. Presented as a promenade dance work through multiple spaces, a unique and intimate relationship between the audience, performers and the space unfolds.

“Part of the success of The Oak’s Bride is the proximity of audience to performer – we can almost hear each silent scream -and yet at times, that very closeness becomes confronting. In a work that is so open to interpretation, it is the images that remain.”
THE AGE, May 21st 2010

Co-Creators: Jeremy Neideck, Ellen Rijs, Polly Sara
Lighting Design: Ange Cole
Costume Design: Noni Harrison
Original Music: Jeremy Neideck
Producer: Dave Sleswick of Motherboard Productions

This production premiered at The Donkey Wheel House as part of Next Wave 2010.

The Oak’s Bride was been supported by the Australian Government through The Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body.