Music, that eats people

Solo Dance Performance

Created and performed by Jeremy Neideck

Music, that eats people, is a solo dance performance that takes as its inspiration a poem from the epilogue of Gaudete by renowned English writer and husband of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes.

The author’s text is full of images wrapped in the consuming, violent, and beautifully sublime…

Music, that eats people
That transfixes them
On its thorns, like a shrike
To cut up at leisure
Or licks them all over carefully gently
Like a tiger
Before leaving nothing but the hair of the head
And the soles of the feet
Is the man-eater
On your leash.
But all it finds of me, when it picks me up
Is what you have
Emptied and redacted

This work premiered in 2011 at the Bucheon International Performance Art Festival (South Korea) before touring to five different cities as part of the 2011 Korean International Performance Art Tour.

It was also featured as part of Ann Street Party for Valley Fiesta 2011 (Brisbane).


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