Progress? Perhaps.

NOTE: The photo above is clearly not of me. On my final lesson in my second-last week here, my teacher asked if there was anything else I wanted to learn. I worked up the courage to say… 심봉사 눈뜨는 대목… This is the climax of Shimcheongga, where old blind Mr. Shim finally comes face to […]

Yuta and I

Yuta and I juggle our washing on the handlebars of our bikes, his tote bag full of towels, my garbage bag straining to hold everything I own, bouncing and twisting dangerously over the pockmarked streets, all the way to the coin laundry. Yuta and I layer salmon and mint swatches of towelling on a bed […]

Officially Week 2

On Thursday I spent an hour attempting to learn three phrases that take exactly 29 seconds to sing. Two weeks into my residency, it was my fifth pansori lesson with Oh Minah. In my first week I learned a new folk song, 강강술래 (Gang Gang Sullae), and started more detailed work on the funeral song […]