🗂️ [[Creative Works]] # Music, that Eats People *Solo Dance Performance* Korean International Performance Art Tour (2011) ![[000_MusicThatEats_Grid.png]] **Created and performed by** Jeremy Neideck *Music, that eats people*, is a solo dance performance that takes as its inspiration a poem from the epilogue of *Gaudete* by renowned English writer and husband of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes. The author’s text is full of images wrapped in the consuming, violent, and beautifully sublime… > *Music, that eats people* > *That transfixes them > On its thorns, like a shrike > To cut up at leisure > Or licks them all over carefully gently > Like a tiger > Before leaving nothing but the hair of the head > And the soles of the feet > Is the man-eater > On your leash. > But all it finds of me, when it picks me up > Is what you have > Already > Emptied and redacted* This work premiered in 2011 at the **Bucheon International Performance Art Festival** (South Korea) before touring to five different cities as part of the **2011 Korean International Performance Art Tour**. It was also featured as part of Ann Street Party for [Valley Fiesta 2011](http://www.valleyfiesta.com/) (Brisbane).