🗂️ [[Creative Works]] # 지하 Underground *Co-writer, director, co-composer and performer* [[Company Bad]] and [[Motherboard Productions]] 호기심이 이끄는 데로 따라오다 보면, 당신은 어느새 브리즈번의 잊혀진 구석에 자리잡은 한국의 바 (Bar) 지하 언더그라운드를 만나게 될 것입니다. 사장님과 주거니 받거니 술잔을 기울이다 보면, 바 종업원들로 구성된 오합지졸 밴드가 만들어내는 멋진 선율 속에 국경과 문화, 언어와 성性을 초월한 사랑 이야기가 펼쳐 집니다. Let your curiosity guide you to *지하 Underground*, a pop-up Korean speakeasy that has taken root in a forgotten corner of Brisbane. Prepare to drink the night away with the venue’s eccentric proprietor, as a tale of love transcending culture, language and gender unfolds to rhythms created by his staff, a ragtag crew of musicians. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6sdj8e8_bw0?si=QrFG3IAoShTLkI5q" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" referrerpolicy="strict-origin-when-cross-origin" allowfullscreen></iframe> 라이브 음악과 마법 같은 스토리 텔링이 뒤섞인 이 찰나의 세계는 연출가 제레미 나이덱의 상상으로 출발하여 마더보드 프로덕션이 선 보입니다. 잠시 여러분 자신을 이 세계에로 초대하신다면, 매 시간이 행복한 시간이 될 것입니다. 공연 후에는 여러 특별 게스트들과 함께 모든 이에게 열린 ‘바 Bar’로 완벽하게 탈바꿈하게 됩니다. Every hour is happy hour as you allow yourself to indulge in a mix of live music and magical storytelling amidst a transitory world written by Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham and originally presented by Motherboard Productions. Post-performance, the space transforms into a fully functioning bar for the public with a variety of special guests. > *“… a gentle exuberance that builds through moments of heartbreak to a pounding anthem celebrating individual freedom.”* > > The Courier Mail ## Cast and Creatives **Director:** Jeremy Neideck **Assistant Director and Designer:** M’ck McKeague **Co-Writers:** Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham **Producer:** Dave Sleswick **Production and Stage Manager:** Candice Diana **Lighting Design:** Hamish Clift (2011/2012), Daniel Anderson (2014) **Costume Design:** Noni Harrison **Featuring:** Tak Hoyoung, Park Younghee, Lee Chunnam, Thom Browning, Jeremy Neideck, Nathan Stoneham and Abe Mitchell ## Production History - 2020 - Return ‘In Concert’ season *[[Remember Underground]]* for the Metro Arts With Love 40th Anniversary Festival - 2014 - South Korean Premiere in the Baesurak Studio of Seoul City Hall for HiSeoul Festival - 2014 - Return season at Brisbane Powerhouse for the Australian Performing Arts Market - 2012 - Return season in custom built venue for Brisbane Festival - 2011 - World premiere in Metro Arts Basement as part of the Independents Program ## Support This project was initially developed with the support of **Metro Arts** and premiered as a part of **The Independents 2011**, supported by the Australian Government through **The Australia-Korea Foundation** and **The Australia Council for the Arts**, its arts funding advisory body. The 2012 season was included as part of **Brisbane Festival 2012**, supported by **The Australia-Korea Foundation** and **Arts Queensland**. The 2014 season featured as part of **World Theatre Festival**  at the **Brisbane** **Powerhouse**. **Header Image:** FenLan Chuang (2012)