🗂️ [[Creative Works]] # Hello Project *Co-facilitator* [[Company Bad]] and [[Ten Spoons]] *Hello Project* is an inclusive workshop and performance making process by an ensemble of people with a diverse range of experiences of disability. Outcomes of the project explore the possibility for human connection across perceived barriers of language, culture, location, and ability. Drawing on live performance, storytelling, imagery, sound and immersive environments, *Hello Project* imagines a world that is welcoming, heartfelt, and conducive to meaningful encounters between people of all walks of life. ## Production History 2021 - Delivery of [_Hello Project Exhibition_](https://www.helloproject.online/exhibition) at Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion 2020 - Delivery of [_Hello Project Online_](https://www.helloproject.online/) 2019 - Creative Development and Showing of *Hello* Project at Chuncheon Theater Center