🗂️ [[Creative Works]] # Deluge: 물의기억 *Creator, director, and performer* [[Company Bad]] and [[Motherboard Productions]] ]] A work that defies genre, *Deluge: 물의기억* brings together artists with backgrounds in contemporary dance and physical theatre, butoh, martial arts, and the hauntingly beautiful pansori – a traditional Korean form of storytelling through song. *Deluge: 물의기억*는 평단과 관객의 절대적 찬사를 받은 *지하 Underground* 팀의 최신작이다. 이제 제레미 나이덱과 한국 호주의 창작 팀이 국제 투어에 앞서 브리즈번 페스티벌을 통해 새로운 대작의 베일을 벗긴다. 이 작품은 물의 각 구성 요소가 어떻게 지구상의 생명을 파괴하고 동시에 생명의 자양분이 되는지 탐험하기 위해 현대무용, 한국의 판소리, 라이브 음악, 스펙타클한 의상 그리고 한국의 신화를 한데 엮는다. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/131725555?h=a13aed07dd" title="Vimeo player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" referrerpolicy="strict-origin-when-cross-origin" allowfullscreen></iframe> At once epic and incredibly personal, *Deluge: 물의기억* explores what happens to the psyche and physicality of the human body when it is confronted with the most destructive of nature’s forces. Through subtle transformation, explosive choreography, and dynamic vocalisation, the work explores the deep sorrow and sublime ecstasy that are hallmarks of Korean culture, refracted through an Australian lens that evokes the contradictory nature of our relationship with water – from droughts to flooding plains. The audience is plunged into the depths of a feverish dream, a cycle of rituals and meditations that conjure up ancient myths of waterlogged gods: ‘Poseidon’ in the European tradition, the ‘King under the Sea’ in Korea. Powerful images drawn from Judith Wright’s 1953 poem ‘The Flood’ depict a town caught unawares, on the brink of disaster, hurtling toward destruction that leaves only one survivor, left to send lost souls back across the water. Created by Jeremy Neideck, *Deluge: 물의기억* is has been realised by an international team deeply rooted in transcultural collaboration and dialogue between Brisbane and Seoul. > *"Ritualistic and dreamlike, this production is both specific and universal…"* > > [Alison Cotes – Crikey](http://dailyreview.crikey.com.au/deluge-review-brisbane-powerhouse/12398) ## Cast and Creatives **Director:** Jeremy Neideck **Sound Designer:** Dane Alexander **Lighting Designer:** David Walters **Production Designer:** Sarah Winter **Costumes Designers:** Kiara Bulley, Bianca Bulley **Originating Costume Design:** Noni Harrison **Producer:** Dave Sleswick | Motherboard Productions **Production Manager:** Morgan Aldrich **Technical Director:** Daniel Anderson **Production Assistant:** Tim Gawne **Devised and Performed by:** Hoyoung Tak, Younghee Park, Youngho Kwon, Katrina Cornwell, Sammie Williams, Jeremy Neideck, Amy Wollstein **Creative Development Lighting Designer:** Hamish Clift **Creative Development Performers:** Ellen Rijs, Polly Sara, Minji Jung, Mark Hill, Kat Henry, Mary Eggleston, Dale Thorburn, Genevieve Butler, Haidee Guadry, Giema Contini, Jana Penshorn, Terry Hesketh, Stu Clifford ## Production History - 2015 - *Deluge:* *물의* *기억* Presented by special invitation at Namsan Drama Center, Seoul - 2014 - *대홍수* *Deluge* South Korean Tour – Osan Cultural Arts Center, Art Space_Mullae - 2014 - *대홍수* *Deluge* South Korean Premiere at Seoul International Dance Festival (SiDance) - 2014 - *대홍수* *Deluge* World Premiere at Brisbane Powerhouse for Brisbane Festival - 2012 - *Deluge* Studio Presentation at The Loft, QUT Creative Industries Precinct - 2011 - *Deluge* Studio Presentation at Metro Arts ## Support *Deluge: 물의기억* has been assisted by the Australian Government through the **Australia Council**, its arts funding and advisory body, by the **Australia Korea Foundation**, **Ausdance Queensland**, **Metro Arts** and through **Creative Sparks**, a joint initiative of the **Brisbane City Council** and **Arts Queensland**. *Deluge: 물의기억* was originally developed with the support of **Red Moon Rising**, **Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture** and **REM Theatre**. **Header Image:** FenLan Chuang (2014)