🗂️ [[Indices]] # Creative Works 📰 **A list of some of my creative work.** 🕵🏻‍♂️ *Performance Works* ✍🏻 [[Jeremy Neideck]] ![[Creative Works.svg]] ### [[Hello Project]] *Co-facilitator* [[Company Bad]] and [[Ten Spoons]] *Hello Project* is an inclusive workshop and performance making process by an ensemble of people with a diverse range of experiences of disability. Outcomes of the project explore the possibility for human connection across perceived barriers of language, culture, location, and ability. Drawing on live performance, storytelling, imagery, sound and immersive environments, *Hello Project* imagines a world that is welcoming, heartfelt, and conducive to meaningful encounters between people of all walks of life. ### [[Shimchong|심청 ⟨Shimchong⟩: Daughter Overboard!]] *Co-writer and director* [[Company Bad]] and [[Motherboard Productions]] Premiering at Brisbane Powerhouse for World Theatre Festival and the Australian Performing Arts Market, *심청* *Shimchong: Daughter Overboard!* is a black comedy that screams the question: “what does it take for a virtuous person to live in a modern society, in a complex world of injustices?”. Co-written by Jeremy Neideck and Kathleen McLeod, directed by Neideck with original music by Neideck and Tom Dickins, the work incorporates live spectacle, puppetry, and a working fairground dunking machine. ### [[Deluge|Deluge: 물의기억]] *Creator, director, and performer* [[Company Bad]] and [[Motherboard Productions]] This work investigates the interweaving of the image-based physicality of butoh and the traditional Korean vocal style of *p'ansori* in a transcultural environment. A series of creative development cycles with a team of artists from Australia and Korea culminated in the premiere of *대홍수* *Deluge*, a work of contemporary physical performance that responded to the 2011 Queensland floods, visions of the Australian landscape in the poetry of Judith Wright, and the public spectacle of collective trauma experienced in Korea in the wake of the Sewol ferry disaster. Deluge premiered at the Brisbane Festival in 2014 before touring to South Korea (2014-2015). ### [[Jiha Underground|지하 Underground]] *Co-writer, director, co-composer and performer* [[Company Bad]] and [[Motherboard Productions]] In this queer, transcultural, bilingual work, a cast of Korean and Australian artists transform a mundane performance venue into an intricately detailed tropical themed junk bar. A strange and beautiful narrative written by Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham unfolds through bilingual storytelling and song performed by the bar staff who wind through a mixtape of folk, rock, pop and traditional Korean music. ## Other Creative Works - *Paradise* (2025-) - *Strange Soup* (2024-) - *Frontier* (2024) - *Tomorrow* (2023) - *Ghosted* (2022) - *Remember Underground* (2020) - *Hidden Land* (2011) - *[[Music, that eats people]]* (2011) - *The Oak's Bride* (2010) - *Su* (2009) - *Sketches of Blood* (2008, 2010) %% ## ⛵️ Log - 🖋️ %% # **Created**: [[2024-04-29|Monday 29 April 2024]] **Published**: [[2024-05-04|Saturday 04 May 2024]] **Updated**: 21:16 [[2024-05-05|Sunday 05 May 2024]] %% # Text Elements # Drawing ```json { "type": "excalidraw", "version": 2, "source": "https://github.com/zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin/releases/tag/2.1.4", "elements": [], "appState": { "theme": "light", "viewBackgroundColor": "#ffffff", "currentItemStrokeColor": "#1e1e1e", "currentItemBackgroundColor": "transparent", "currentItemFillStyle": "solid", "currentItemStrokeWidth": 2, "currentItemStrokeStyle": "solid", "currentItemRoughness": 1, "currentItemOpacity": 100, "currentItemFontFamily": 1, "currentItemFontSize": 20, "currentItemTextAlign": "left", "currentItemStartArrowhead": null, "currentItemEndArrowhead": "arrow", "scrollX": 428, "scrollY": 432.828125, "zoom": { "value": 1 }, "currentItemRoundness": "round", "gridSize": null, "gridColor": { "Bold": "#C9C9C9FF", "Regular": "#EDEDEDFF" }, "currentStrokeOptions": null, "previousGridSize": null, "frameRendering": { "enabled": true, "clip": true, "name": true, "outline": true } }, "files": {} } ``` %%