🗂️ [[About|Public Index]] # Jeremy Neideck - Bio 📰 **A potted professional history.** 🕵🏻‍♂️ *Biography* ✍🏻 [[Jeremy Neideck]] I am a performance maker and academic who has [worked between Australia and Korea for almost two decades](http://www.comoanybad.org), investigating the interweaving of cultures in performance; the intersection of queer identities and theories in performance; and the modelling of new and inclusive social realities. > ![[000_2021_PP.jpeg]] > *A relatively recent picture of me that I don't hate.* I have received scholarships from Aphids, the Australia-Korea Foundation, Asialink, and Brisbane City Council, and have undertaken residencies at The National Art Studio of Korea, The National Changgeuk Company of Korea, and The Necessary Stage (Singapore). My theatre work *[[Jiha Underground|지하 Underground]]*, co-written with [Nathan Stoneham](http://www.nathanstoneham.com/) for Motherboard Productions, was nominated for a Matilda Award and sold-out its seasons at Metro Arts, Brisbane Festival, World Theatre Festival, and the 2014 HiSeoul Festival. My experimental dance theatre work *[[Deluge|Deluge: 물의기억]]* premiered at the Brisbane Festival in 2014, and toured the Seoul International Dance Festival enjoying a return season at the Namsan Drama Center in 2015. My work *[[Shimchong|심청 ⟨Shimchong⟩: Daughter Overboard!]]* was a re-imagination of the traditional Korean tale of Shimchong that combined pansori, poetry, and political satire in a work of physical theatre that premiered at World Theatre Festival 2016. I am currently the Course Coordinator of the [Bachelor of Performing Arts](https://www.waapa.ecu.edu.au/courses-and-admissions/our-courses/performing-arts) at the [Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)](https://www.waapa.ecu.edu.au/) at Edith Cowan University in Boorloo (Perth). Previous to this, I led physical actor training and movement direction in the Acting program at [Queensland University of Technology (QUT)](https://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/jeremy.neideck) in Meanjin (Brisbane) where I also taught embodied practice and collaborative performance making in the Music, Dance, and Drama disciplines of the Bachelor of Fine Arts for a decade. I have lectured and tutored in the areas of contemporary performance theory, post-dramatic theatre, queering performance, intercultural studies, the history of Japanese theatre, Korean performance traditions, independent theatre production, event and festival production, directing, professional practice for actors, and acting in the digital space. I am the co-convenor of the [Queer Futures Working Group](https://iftr.org/working-groups/queer-futures) of the International Federation for Theatre Research, and regularly consult on the architecture and facilitation of collaborative projects and programs of institutional and community transformation. %% ## ⛵️ Log - 🖋️ %% # **Created**: [[2024-04-29|Monday 29 April 2024]] **Published**: [[2024-05-04|Saturday 04 May 2024]] **Updated**: 21:11 [[2024-05-05|Sunday 05 May 2024]]