I love you,

first-year art student, buying me flowers on a whim before realising I am the only one with enough cash to pay for them.

older brother, abducting me on the back of his scooter to secret rendezvous, disappointed that we missed seeing the fountain.

mysterious and handsome landlord, telling me all of his secrets and promising to keep mine with my hand on his knee for hours.

dancing butler, adorably quick to smile and slow to talk, our differences made us the same.

cute actor exchanging nothing more than shy looks with me across a wide studio, and then the cavernous theatre.

babe in the foyer looking for a boyfriend – he’d already found mine, so we went to look at the river, then talk in my bedroom.

French traveller, one of many but smarter than most, I pull him close and he lets my mouth slip from his cheek.

slang talking late-bloomer on the fourth floor, a face full of character, and messages full of innuendo.

footsore philosopher, showing his love by throwing offences then denying them, taking kiss after kiss on that final night.

old friend. Our eventual and awkward reunion confirm us as lovers, just in time for the growing pains to begin.

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