I’ve written about heaven before. Jesus showed us that heaven is a place on earth. Or was that some rock band I wasn’t allowed to listen to in the 80s? The 90s? Whatever. The thing is, there exist on this earth special places where I am sure, if God or the prophets were walking barefoot […]

I love you,

first-year art student, buying me flowers on a whim before realising I am the only one with enough cash to pay for them. older brother, abducting me on the back of his scooter to secret rendezvous, disappointed that we missed seeing the fountain. mysterious and handsome landlord, telling me all of his secrets and promising […]


I start writing this confession on a bleak Friday afternoon, and even though I am still full of Thursday’s Thanksgiving Table, I’ve just stuffed my body with waffles and eggs and bacon and syrup. Winter is coming, after all. If I was home already, the coming weekend would herald the changing of the seasons. Spring giving […]


There is something sexy about disclosure. It breeds the kind of excitement that secrets can never quite match. The thrill of spilling to someone. Being in the open. Public. Those that knew about it can finally say something. Those that thought they should have known can feel slightly outraged, before cracking a smile. Some people […]

New York, Don’t Panic

Don’t panic, It’s ok, I’m here, I’ve bloody-well arrived. Making it to New York marks a major milestone in my trip – and I feel funny about it. Some of my anxiety is probably quite rational – unlike my fear of birds, hedges, and footpaths. The thing is, New York is something of a “black hole” in my […]

Sopyonjae: The Accumulation and Resolution of Han

My review of Sopyonjae appears in this month’s edition of 미르 (Mirror), the magazine published by The National Theater of Korea. You can see a digital copy in Korean, here (see page 52). — Evoking the iconic scene from Im Kwon-taek’s original 1993 film, The National Changgeuk Company’s Sopyonjae opens with the itinerant pansori singer Yubong wandering down a winding mountain […]